Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Little One Sews

As soon as school got out this summer, M. asked me what was she going to sew.  I had some striped knit waiting for me to make them max skirts for about 6 months, so we started together.  

I drafted the pattern and cut it out.  M. can sew straight lines, and that is about it.  Right now, I pin and even stand behind her to make sure her lines are straight.  She is gaining confidence and is loving the process.

Last summer, we started with Skip to My Lou's sewing activities.

Her first project was a headband.  Then she sewed a bag. - both can be found somewhere on the Skip to My Lou's site.

We used this tutorial for the maxi skirt and had to adapt it a little bit for little girls.  She is already asking me what is next - pillow cases, blankets, more skirts?  I'm not sure.  I just think sewing is a lost art and I'm pretty happy that she seems to enjoy it.

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Andrea Bennett said...

She's so adorable :)

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