Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Interview with Kelly Packard and GIVEAWAY

So, who out there has picky eaters?  I have one that is the pickiest and that is one of my pet peeves!  Sometimes, with this particular one, I will do whatever I can to get something other than popcorn and cookies down her mouth.  
It isn't uncommon for vegetables to not be the favorite but the consumption of milk has also declined. This trend means that kids across the country are missing out on important vitamins and nutrients.  Furthermore, studies show kids who skimp on milk tend to have higher BMI’s than kids who don’t.   I have two kids who can't have cows milk, but the other two can and love it - and my husband LOVES it!

I had the opportunity to interview Kelly Packard about this lately - and then my cell service got all crazy and dropped the call FIVE times!  Thankfully, they were really easy to work with and recorded a general video for me.

The direct link is here: 

Now, the good part - the GIVEAWAY.  One Ducks in a Row reader can receive a set of all 5 flavors of Milk Splash, the zero calorie milk flavoring.  The flavors are Coco Loco, Sir Strawberry Swirl, Orange Cream Dream, Cookies and Cream, and Jammin' Banana.  My little picky eater loves Cookies and Cream!

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment.  That is all.  Make sure I have an email to get back to you.  I will randomly draw a winner on Monday, June 9.  

Good luck!

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Kathryn Downs said...

Excellent post, love the blog as always! :D

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