Thursday, April 24, 2014

Clean Eating Mom

It is no secret here that I try to live a healthy lifestyle and I focus on feeding my children whole and clean foods, for the most part.  I recently finished 30 days on the Whole30 program and I will preach this program from the top of the rooftops!  From someone who was healthy before, the results from this program are amazing.

Results such as clear skin, restful sleep, no more headaches, no more bloat, increased energy!

Read the book "It Starts With Food" first.  Don't start without reading this book - it explains everything.  It is kind of life changing.  

I started a new Instagram account showing what I'm eating and how easy this is.  
find me @cleaneatingmom - you can see pictures on the sidebar, too.

No grains, no legumes, no dairy, no sugar for 30 days.  Oh, and no alcohol, too.  It isn't easy, but the results make it so worth it. It isn't about weight loss, more about resetting your body.  Still, I lost 6 pounds and almost 4 inches total.  I love it so much that I am adding on another 15 days.  I even think I will start over and do another 30 days after Memorial Day, if anyone wants to join me.  I love company and the support is amazing!  Just email me and we can do it together.

This isn't a sponsored post, just telling you one of the many things that have been occupying my time.  We are all busy, believe me, I know.  The results make it worth the effort and time.  

Follow me @cleaneatingmom if you are interested!


Meghan said...

I'm going to check this book out. Hopefully I can get the family on this change in eating habits!

Niki Riat said...

That book did indeed change my life! So glad I stumbled upon your IG and Blog :) LOVING it!

Melanie Banner said...

I am beyond impressed! I've thought about doing Whole 30 many times, but have been too chicken! Now, I want to do it! I think I'll wait until after the baby is here though. ;-)

Lisa Peterson said...

I just started my 3rd whole 30 today!!! I'm very worried about distance running though. How do yoh fuel during?

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

I'm a new follower and about to start my first Whole30. Keep up the great posts, you are inspiring the rest of us! Love the foods you are creating and anxious to search your blog for more about how you do it with your kids. My kids would benefit from this but are certified carb-lovers. Have no idea how to break that cycle (hubby is a non-beliver)!

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