Thursday, February 27, 2014

What I Wore

I would have never thought that I would do a post like this.  Here I am doing it, though.  While others are comfortable with the selfies, I am not.  I started taking awkward pictures of what I was wearing in January.  I don't know why, I just did.  And here I am making these public.  Seems so narcissistic, right?  I promise, I am not.

I stay at home with my kids, but I do teach 15 piano lessons a week from my home.  For being a stay at home mom, there seems to be only one day a week, that I really am just home.  I wear clothes that I can crawl over the floor with my toddler, that I can run into the school, that I can see others and not be embarrassed.  But I don't want to wear date night clothes every day, you know?

I wear a combination of clothes from all over the place - Target, Nordstroms, Old Navy, Anthropologie - you get the idea.  My absolute favorite T- shirts come from Everlane.  If you click that link, it does help me out a bit.  They are great shirts that are a bit pricier than the Target tee, but fit and wash so much better.  I totally recommend them and would love them in every color.

We don't wear shoes in our home - that is just the policy.  Shoes are most definitely missing from these pictures and probably would make the outfit.  More often than not, I'm usually pulling on a pair of flats as I run out the door.  These cute ballet flats came c/o RedEnvelope.  Thanks - they have some great Mother's Day Gifts, also.

So, there is more than you ever need to see of me - enjoy!


Melanie Banner said...

I love all your cute outfits, especially that tan and yellow striped sweater. LOVE! I feel just like you about taking selfies, but I figure it's kind of part of being a blogger. lol!

Alexandra said...

Love the yellow shirt with the teal necklace! Cute looks!

Mari said...

Hey Laurel! I just happened to look at one of your old post on our blog and clicked on your link. So glad to see you're still blogging! You look great!
Blessings on your blogging journey!

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