Monday, February 3, 2014

Special Occasion Plate

You've seen this . . . . it is all over the web!  This is my first time doing it though.

I like to make big deals out of everything.  First basket during a game - big deal.  Auditioning for a musical - big deal.  Getting 100% on a spelling test when you have struggled all year - big deal.  I think it was about time to do this.  

I picked up the plate at Target, the Sharpie at Michaels, and thankfully downloaded the saying.  I love it when someone else is really good at what they do and they share it for free.  Find it here.

I rubbed a pencil on the back of the design and then pushed down really hard - it actually worked.

We kind of laugh because it says today and I think my kids are special every day.  Oh well, it makes us laugh and I didn't trust my own handwriting.  I baked it in the oven and then let it cool completely!

Growing up, we had the red plate.  Now, my kids have a turquoise plate.  We've already used it!


Meghan said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have never seen this on the web & I am a Pinterest junkie so you'd a thought I'd have seen it there.

It's very pretty! I love it.

Kim Turner said...

What a super cute idea!!!
I'm sure your kids will love being the special one fir a day!

Jo said...

I've never seen it but I have another question. What if more than one kid does something special on the same day?

Debi said...

How has your plate held up to washing? I made my daughter a coffee mug and also made cookie plates at Christmas time and they have not held up well to handwashing.

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