Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorite of 2013

We loved 2013 - it was not an easy one and I am looking eagerly toward 2014.  I have enjoyed reading other's post from the past year and decided to join them.

Although this has moved from it's place on the refrigerator, it is still used every single week.  What a simple project!

Tom was gone for two weeks in February.  That was pretty tough - missing G's birthday and my birthday.  We had a fun Valentines Day and every day I stuck a new heart up on my kids' doors with something I love about them.  It was a sweet reward to be heart attached by them a couple months later.

By the time J. turned one, I finally shared his crib bedding.  I sewed it and still love it!

We started a monthly tradition of Around The World Nights.  This is an opportunity to try new cuisine, study a bit about another culture, learn a couple words of a new language.  We skipped it over the summer, but still love it.  In fact, we are doing Greece on Saturday - any suggestions?

A fun little refashion!  I plan on doing many more of these in 2014. 

We spent the summer at CAMP MOM

It is a bit exhausting, but I think it brings us closer together.  Friday Field Trips were their favorites!

We spent so much time gardening this summer.

We didn't just grow the food.  I was determined to not let it go to waste.  I spent so much time making zucchini bread, freezing pesto, canning salsa and marinara sauce.  I love that we are still enjoying it now.  This was a satisfying project!

In September, I needed to get a little DIY on.  I made these Jute Storage Cubes

This fast and easy project was just what I needed to get a jump start on my creativity again.  They are in the boys' room and filled with balls.

In October, I was on an organizing kick (really, though, I always am!)  I went in every little corner and showed you our drawers, cabinets, and closets.

In October, I ran my first marathon!  Words can't describe how awesome that was!  

This has been one of my favorite projects, probably because it has been our only home project this year.  We've painted, put up crown moulding, new dresser, new bedding, sewn pillows and drapes, and polka-dotted her ceiling.  Still working on it - hope it is "done" in January."

In December, we have tried to keep up and enjoy this holiday.  

I have plans for this blog and 2014, but no real set goals.  I enjoy blogging immensely and am hoping to give you readers something worthwhile when you come here!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me!


Simply LKJ said...

Great recap Laurel. Happy New Year!!

Meredith from PenelopeLovesLists said...

Love every one of these posts.

Huge congrats to you for running your first 26.2. Such a huge accomplishment!

Happiest of New Years!

Melanie Banner said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE all of your darling ideas and congrats on your marathon! You're amazing. That menu board is amazing and beautiful and I love the crib bedding!

And We Sailed On said...

Looks like a super productive year!

And We Sailed On said...

You are an inspiration! When do you do all of that organizing?

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