Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Little Boys Neck Tie

I had a mission.  My oldest son had an important event and he needed a special tie for it.  No just any tie that I could go out and buy, but a tie made out of the special MacDougall tartan.  So begins my quest to make him a tie.  
There are a lot of tutorials out there.  Some are lame and some are made for little toddler boys.  My G. is 8, not so much a toddler.  I started by using the purl bee's little boy's tie tutorial just to see.  I had some cotton fabric and went for it.  I thought it was looking pretty sharp.

It was about 3 inches too short and super flimsy.  My husband commented that it looked like a $3 tie, which I replied, it did cost us about $3!  So, try #1 didn't work, but I had somewhere to go.

I thought I was ready so I cut tie #2 out of the plaid.  It never gave me a crisp line when I pressed it and the first tie was super flimsy.  This time, I lined it with a light weight fusible interfacing.  Huge mistake. It made it way too stiff, the knot looked ridiculous.  AAAhhh. . . 

OK - with three days left, I started on tie #3.  MacDougall plaid, heavy stabilizer in the middle, no interfacing, add 3".  This one, although was far from perfect was the one that made the cut.  Probably because I ran out of time!

Sewing on the bias is hard.  See how not straight that seam is below?  Tricky sewing, I tell you.

It was difficult for me to get a nice point, but that is probably due to the fabric.  And this fabric was not up for negotiation.  It was shipped from Scotland!

See how the points of the tie don't line up.  I tried, I really really tried.  But I tell you, there is a reason why boys ties are so expensive.  They are tricky.

But it worked for the day and probably for the next couple of years.  I'm not sure if I am up for attempting to perfect this or not.  I kind of like a challenge and part of me just wants to walk away.


Sarah said...

Way to stick with it! How cool that you got the real tartan. Even if it was tricky to sew with. That picture of g is so sweet.

Mia Maree said...

That is talented...I don't know if I would have been able to stick with it...sewing can be frustrating! However, the final result is precious. Love the tie!


My name is Rita said...

OK, i am going to try this. I have been looking for a tie for my little man, but didn't want to pay to much money since there is a chance he will hate it and not want to wear it. please link this up to my linky party (along with any other projects you would like to share) http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/03/sunday-linky-party-1.html

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