Saturday, January 19, 2013

Outdoor Furniture

See this?
It is freezing here!  I look in our backyard and it is all white and brown.  This has me dreaming of summertime and outdoor living!

This year, I'd love to get some outdoor furniture on our upper patio.  Something kind of lounge-ey.  You know, for all the hanging out I do :)  What would work best?  A bunch of chairs, a couple of couches, a coffee table?  I'm not sure and I have a while to dream about it.

Meanwhile . . .

OR . . 

I can dream. . .

*This post is brought to you by Alan Ward

1 comment:

Simply LKJ said...

Oh my that is cold! We are hoping to find some new pieces for our back porch this spring. Thanks for the inspiration.

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