Friday, January 11, 2013

Fit Fridays - Vitamins

I think I have made it very clear that I strive to be healthy.  I am not a fanatic, but I make very conscious decisions in regards to my health.  I am pretty passionate about it.  I know that I am the most successful at what I do when I have a partner in crime.  Because of this, you are all becoming my partners!  Every Friday, I will try to have a post up in regards to living a healthy balanced life.  That's my plan, hopefully it will last.

So, this week I want to talk about vitamins.  Every morning, I crack open our cupboard and this is what I take:

Let me sort it out for you.

  • a pre natal vitamin - I am still nursing baby J.  When he stops, this will become a multi-vitamin.  When I went to see my first OB-GYN, she asked me what medicines I took.  I told her that I didn't take any.  She called me on it and told me that EVERY women should at least be taking a multi-vitamin.  I have ever since.
  • Calcium Chews - because baby J might have a dairy allergy, I have eliminated all dairy from my diet while I am nursing.  I take these chews to cover my basis.  I have noticed that my nails are much stronger taking these, which is an added bonus.
  • Vitamin D - a couple of years ago, I had my hormones checked.  I was told I was low in Vitamin D and that I should take supplements.  When I don't have these, I am very sluggish - abnormally so.
  • Fish Oil - have you read the benefits of fish oil?  They contain those great omega 3s.  I know we should have more fish in our diet, we just don't get it.  So, I take a supplement.

As a reminder, I am not a doctor.  I do tell my doctor about the vitamins I take and she approves. 
My challenge to you is to take your vitamins EVERY day until the next Fit Friday.

Who is up for the challenge?  What vitamins do you regularly take?


Emily said...

I was terrible about taking vitamins until I got pregnant with Thomas and was taking pre-natals, and then it just became habit. I take a prenatal and a vitamin D vitamin every night because they're tough on my stomach first thing in the morning, but I should add Fish Oil back into the routine. Thanks for the reminder!

Brittney @ said...

I do the Vitamin D also. I can definitely tell a difference, especially in the winter months! I just switched from "regular" vitamins to whole-food vitamins. I really like how their nutrients come from plant/food based sources!

Cari Enesa said...

I started this vitamin pack called Life Long Vitality from doTERRA during my pregnancy...(there are 3 different pills, a multi vitamin, omega blend with essential oils in it and a cellular repair pill) I too was bad about taking vitamins but after a week I noticed tons of changes in my energy, complexion, and overall wellbeing. I make SURE I take them everyday now! Yay for Fit Fridays!

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