Friday, January 18, 2013

Fit Fridays: Drink Your Water!!

Hello Friday!  My kids are off school today AND Monday, which means a 4 day weekend around here.  How did you do at taking your vitamins?  As I thought about healthy habits to get into, that seemed pretty easy.  The next tip is also easy, I believe.  This is a re-post from a while ago.  I read it and thought, I still believe this.  I still do this.  I still think it is important.

Really, can a drink define you?  I've been with groups of different women where we tell things about ourselves.  I'm always surprised how many people mention a drink - usually a diet soda!  Have you read anything about the sugars they use in soda?  Is it really OK to replace calories with chemicals?  Not in my body!  After reading and researching, my take on diet caffeinated drinks is saved for another post.  And believe me, I have had a pretty big habit of diet caffeinated drinks in the past.

If a drink does define you - choose water!  Drink water and LOTS of it.  As you begin to live a healthy lifestyle, make this a habit!  Every day, I drink a gallon of water, easily.  I also try to exercise daily, which makes drinking water easier.  Water can suppress your diet like no other.  I start off the day with a full glass of water.  If I am kind of hungry and I know I just ate an hour ago, I drink water.  More often than not, I'm not that hungry.  Being dehydrated can make you tired and zap your energy - who needs that?  Water clears up your skin!  As a middle aged woman who gets acne AND wrinkles, I need all the help I can get!  It also helps with cleansing your body and flushing out toxins. That's just a few of the benefits.

I have a water bottle within my reach 90% of the day and am constantly filling it up.  Actually, I usually have one filled upstairs and one downstairs.  I have them in my car.  I smuggled them into the movies today.  My kiddos start out their mornings with water bottles, too.  I don't put any fruit in them - I do love the taste, but it is too much work!  We drink our water straight up!  I think one of the best things you can do for your body is to drink your water in.

So your challenge -  Spend a day tracking how much water you drink!  A gallon a day - I'm interested to hear if any of you drink that much and what difference do you see?  Who is up for it?  It is so much more fun to not do this alone!


Simply LKJ said...

We have always been big water drinkers, plain or with fruit added on occasion. Both our girls suffer from migraines, and one trigger is dehydration. They always have a water bottle with them.

Emily said...

If I have a water bottle full nearby, I'm much better about this, I never remember to just get a glass of water until I'm already thirsty. I keep a camelbak handy for both T and myself all day long, Nell will need her own one day, too!

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