Sunday, October 28, 2012

Grateful Sunday

Um. . . hi.  Is this thing still on? 
First off, I've emailed all winners of The Staying Organized Giveaway.  Please email me back and lets get this taken care of as soon as possible.
Secondly, my computer has gone kaput - so I am sharing with my husband.  The husband who works about 16 hours a day on his computer.  There is no computer around.  We are getting by with our ipods and ipads, but please be patient.
Thirdly, we took a break to Breckenridge.  Just us.  and it was perfect.

We are ready for Halloween.  Are you?


Jo said...

I'm a winner YAY!

We share a computer & iPad so I feel for you, it sucks! Hope you get a new one soon!

Enjoy Halloween!

Stevia A said...

Did you just mention Brackenridge? Oh its just so beautiful town that protects and maintains the sense of historical heritage and alpine environment. And it turns even you more beautiful when you are with your beloved. Nice thought of trip to such an amazing place.

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Epin Accessories said...

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