Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chore Charts - MacDougall Style

I have gone back and forth on chore charts - I"ve tried so many things.  In the end, it seems that I always just end up doing things myself and try to avoid the fight.  This year, though, I knew with the arrival of the upcoming baby, I was going to need the kiddos help.  I figured it was better to start this now and have it well established by baby time.

I started with this:


This is a Modern Toddler Chore Chart and it was perfect for my 4 year old.  I have to write in lines so that she knows exactly where to put her stickers.  This is perfect for her - she is expected to make her bed, get dressed, clear her dishes from the table, brush her hair, and clean up her toys.

I looked and looked for something for my older kiddos and ended up having to make my own. I am not a graphic designer and there are such cuter ones that could be made, I'm sure.  I did it up all cute in color and sent it off to my printer (AKA - Tom's office) and he couldn't read the fonts.  So, I print it off on our black and white printer each Sunday.  This is what works for us.  

 I customized a different chore for each day.  These include putting clean clothes away, emptying the dishwasher, vacuuming the family room or the bedroom, etc.  On top of their daily chore, they are also responsible to make their bed, practice the piano, do their home work, and all toys must be picked up before the end of the day.

At the end of the week - every square must be filled up to pick out a treasure from my treasure box.  If they missed one day of making their bed, they don't get one.  It is tough, but I've stuck to my guns.  G. was making his bed about 10 minutes before bedtime last night so he wouldn't miss a day.

The treasure box is just filled with treats - right now there is a lot of Valentines Day candy in there.  My oldest loves squinkies and my son loves food.  It is pretty random and really nothing special or expensive.

On the weekends, we have more thorough chores.  And it works best if we just ask them to help us out by doing this or that.  Our kiddos are still young enough that I have a lot of control of their schedule.  We just say after breakfast it is time to do our chores and work together to get the bigger stuff done.

We've done this for 2 months now and I'm surprised how motivated they are to fill in a sticker.  I have had to remind G. to check his charts and there have been times when he has told me that he would rather not do his chores and doesn't care about any incentive.  It is then that I pull the "well, I don't feel like doing my responsibilities either today, so are you good to make dinner?" card.  I know the way to G's heart.

I'm not sure how long this new system will work, but for now - it's awesome.
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Paula said...

What a great idea!! Thanks so much for linking up!


AKatieGirl said...

I love it! I work in a classroom, and we do something similar for homework. It's a weekly/monthly thing. The kids work for a weekly incentive, which gets bigger each week until they get a big reward the last week of every month (doughnuts, or ice cream, or a movie...it's been different every time.) If they missed a week, no reward. It's a pretty motivating system and very similar to yours. Kudos on the self-created charts, too, by the way. They're very well-done!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Okay, I love your chore charts ... but am especially fixated on that little squishy wrist and hand in the first pic ...

I so miss those squishy wrist days!



jiyoshin242 said...

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Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Your chore charts are REALLY cute! I want to set up something for my 2 1/2 year old and something similar would be great for him!! Thank you for the awesome ideas!!

sassyaggie said...

Great idea Laurel! Chores are something we definitely struggle with around here! I'm your newest Linky Follower and would love for you to folow me back! Please link up your chore chart at our Sassy Sunday blog hop too!


Jo said...

Glad this is working for you.

I've tried this before but since we all only get home at around 6:30 at night and then there is only time to eat and bath find a time to do chores is a bit hard to find. However, they still find time to make a mess?

Jo said...

Glad this is working for you.

I've tried this before but since we all only get home at around 6:30 at night and then there is only time to eat and bath find a time to do chores is a bit hard to find. However, they still find time to make a mess?

Six Sisters said...

Cute ideas! We loved having you link up to "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." We hope to have you back again soon!! -The Sisters

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