Monday, January 31, 2011

Power of a Pillow

 Yes, I believe there is power in a well placed pillow!  It's amazing.  Remember the slipcover I made for a chair in G's room.  It was hard and my first wing back slipcover.  There were lots of areas that weren't so tight.  I saw the above picture somewhere and got excited that I could see G's chair!  And I had been wanting to put a pillow on it!  And there was my inspiration!
 I chose a rectangle shape because it hides some of the issues my slipcover has.  It fits perfectly.
 I embroidered a "g" on the front and sewed some piping around the edges - perfect!
 This chair gets used all the time.  The two of us fit perfectly on this chair.  (Guess who wants chairs of their own now?  That would be my two girls.)

That pillow - it made this chair even more perfect. Have you counted all the times I've used the word perfect?  Am I geek for getting excited about pillows?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Grateful Sunday

With 60 degree weather this week (remember we are in Colorado and it is January) there is not much to complain about!
I'm grateful for
  • project swap night with a dearest friend this week!  We get things done and we have time to catch up.
  • February - my favorite month - starts this week!
  • G. turns 6 on Thursday and his needs/wants are so simple.
  • Wahoos fish tacos
  • my new calling with our church has brought the spirit into our home in an undeniable way.  Everyone is a little nicer, more patient, and more loving.
What are you grateful for?

Friday, January 28, 2011

The List: Valentines Day Edition 1/28/11

There are so many fantastic ideas out in blog world.  Sometimes, though, it is hard to sort through the great ideas and the not so great ideas.  That's why I've started my "list."  You don't have to do so much sifting!      I love Valentines Day (and it probably has everything to do with my birthday being the day before it and feeling super loved for 2 days in a row- just saying).  These are some (there are a ton more out there) of the ideas that have made my "list" of things I'm thinking about doing:

30 handmade days

Blonde Design - this is the one we are going to hand out for school.

The Idea Room
Aren't they great?

The winner of the Slobproof Book is
Please email me and I can pass on your contact info the Debbie Wiener, the author if the book!  Congrats!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Slobproof by Debbie Wiener Giveaway

Debbie Wiener is a D.C. based interior designer who is constantly coming up with new and innovative techniques for ensuring that your home remains organized and tidy. The cornerstone to Debbie’s campaign for having a beautiful home is her revolutionary Slobproof furniture that is not only dirt resistant and water impervious, but beautiful an sophisticated as well.

She has a book that shares all this information, that I was fortunate to review!

Although, I don't consider myself a slob and the thought of my husband being a slob makes me laugh, this book had a lot of really helpful info.  Debbie explains nuts and bolts on things like flooring, seating, window covering and lighting so that I can make decisions that will best fit my family and our lifestyles.  She thinks neutrals is a big no-no, which I am a huge fan of, though.  Here are a couple of her tips:

1. Forget the flowers- place itsy bitsy, decorative gourds and pumpkins, Christmas ornaments, dreidels or mini-footballs (for Superbowl Sunday!) in tall hurricane lamps and glass canisters. No dried leaves and flowers = less mess to clean up later.
2. Add drama with lighting, by floating flat candles in water instead of placing candles in candle sticks. No dripping wax! Place inexpensive canister “up lights” behind potted plants and furniture to light up the perimeter of your room and keep tables free and clear entertaining.
3. Think camouflage. Wine and cranberry sauce spills will ruin an ivory cloth but mix right in with brightly patterned table linens.
4. Rotate your dining room chairs and rug to hide blotches and stains under the table.
5. Add fiber to your design diet. Recover ruined upholstery with fabric that will make it through the New Year. Look for colorful, patterned heavy-weight blends that stay stable when you pull the sample and allow no light to pass through them when you hold it up.
6. No budget, no problem. Use scrubbable, low-odor, acrylic Aura paint from Benjamin Moore to make empty rooms feel warmer and older room designs seem fresher. Yes you can! Paint your ceilings sky blue, add color around your white fireplace, stripe your crown molding and accent one wall in a white room with your favorite color.

Debbie is graciously offering a copy of her book Slobproof! to Ducks in a Row readers!  In order to be eligible to win this, you must leave a comment.  Becoming a follower will get you a second entry (but please leave an additional comment stating you are a follower).  This giveaway will go through Thursday night, January 27!  Good luck!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grateful Sunday

I had a great week!
I'm grateful for:
new shoes
sunshine and snow - great combination
lemons in my water
forts in the family room
being able to tuck my kids into bed and hear their thoughts at the end of the day
a clean car
empty laundry baskets

What are you grateful for?

Friday, January 21, 2011

An Award

Wow - a stylish blogger award!  Thank you Jac o'lyn Murphy and Designing Domesticity.  I still can't believe that anyone is even interested in what goes on over here, let alone gives me an award!  Thank you!

How it works:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers.

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

You know how uncomfortable I get talking about myself, but here goes 7 things.  1.  When I was 21, I threw caution to the wind and totally chased my husband and two and a half years later, I caught him.  This is SOOO not like me, but Tom is the best thing in my life!   2.  I am very indecisive and have resorted to having my kids help me make decisions.  3.  My favorite drink is water - I rarely drink my calories and I really do love water.  4.  I can and do eat chips and salsa every day. 5.  I am really happy and think I have a great life. It's pretty much what I imagined when I dreamed about being a grown up. 6.  I really really love neutral colors.  I am trying to branch out, but neutrals are what makes me happy.  7.  I wish I could sing, but I'm really not good.  I stick to the piano.

Check out these other blogs, who I am awarding the Stylish Blogger to:


Yeah it's Friday - have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's Talk Running

I get a lot of comments and questions asking about my running!  It's no secret that I love to run.  I don't think I'm necessarily awesome at it, but I will say I'm pretty good. 
Why do you run so much?  I don't think I run that much.  I try to average 10-15 miles a week.  Of course, it goes up in the summer when it is warmer outside and I'm usually training for a half marathon.  I run because it is 75% a mental sport.  I'm not the most co-ordinated person when it comes to putting a ball in my hands, but mental I can do.  When I was younger, I had severe asthma.  So bad, that I couldn't even blow out my birthday candles.  So bad, that I had a doctor's note excusing me from running the mile in middle school PE.  I run because I think it saves my life.
When do you run?  I have a treadmill in my basement and my goal is to run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and a long run with friends on Saturday mornings.  Lately, though, I've only been running 2 times during the week and the long run is dependent on the weather.  My husband leaves our home for the day around 6am.  I usually wake up and get him breakfast and out the door and then go downstairs for a quick run.  I usually run about 4 miles, less if the kids start waking up early.
How do you keep track of your miles?  I use tally marks on a clipboard in my closet.  I've run long enough that I know the mileage of the route I run outside and after the run, I add tallys to the total.
What advice do you have for a beginning runner?  Talk to someone who really knows what they are doing.  I'm kind of a hacker runner.  I don't know much, I just tie on my shoes and go.  My one advice would be to get good shoes.  Go to a running store and get your stride checked out.  Then go to a different store and buy the shoes.  Also - register for a race.  It's great motivation, especially if you tell everyone.  Oh, and get a running partner that is reliable and will push you.  I can't imagine running more than 4 miles without having someone to talk to.  My best friends have been running partners.

Have fun - and just start.  Don't worry if you are too slow, or if you have to walk, or if you don't have the latest gear.  Just start!

My camera is still in the shop - wonder how long I can stretch these types of posts out until I get something back!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grateful Sunday

don't remember where this came from - sorry (isn't that pillow inspiring?)
 Today has been a busy, uplifting week and I'm grateful for the confidence that my Heavenly Father has in me! 
I'm grateful that we made reservations for 4th of July camping - it's going to be so fun!
I'm grateful for friends that come over and are so comfortable that they help make the meal and can even take a nap at our home - I shouldn't even call them friends, they have become family.
I'm grateful for family traditions that I've worked so hard to develop and they seem to be rewarding.
I'm grateful that in the midst of all the chaos, I can catch my husband winking at me and it still makes me blush and I realize what a partner he is!
Have a great week and a fun 3 day weekend!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We've Got The Molding Up!

Does our office seem like the room that will never quit?  It's starting to seem like I've stretched this room out for about as many posts as is good, but we're still not done!  That means I've still got some more to show!
 During the holidays, Tom finished putting the molding up (or is it moulding, I  never know).  Then, he also got out the ladder and painted up the tall tall wall that I'm too scared to paint.  Everything is up and painted.  Well, not everything - we've got to touch up and paint the baseboards.  I'm going to try to get to those on Saturday.
 To say I love molding is a major understatement.  I especially love this with the bookshelves we've built.  I didn't unplug my computer before I took the pictures - my apologies.
 We did the exact treatment in the dining room and I'm loving how they tie together.  My hubby might be getting sick of putting up molding, but he's getting so good and I'm just getting started!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Couple of Goals

It's a snow day today - we needed this day off!  We're still in our pajamas, my dryer is beeping at me telling me that I need to go fold the clothes, the dishes are piling up in the sink, but we are in our PJs just chilling for a bit.  It gives me some time to sneak in blogging while the kids are watching TV.  Sometimes, I really love slow mornings!

In October, I make personal goals.  You know, goals that I believe help me to be a better, more Christlike person.  This is the real stuff and the hard goals.
In January, however, I make my fluffy goals.  These are the goals that are just kind of fun.
This is what I've come up with for this year:
I will present gifts prettier - make the packaging count.  I remember reading somewhere on Design Mom that 50% of the present is the package - it instantly makes a simple plate of cookies look classy.

Plant a rose garden.

Tackle the coat closet and make it cool.  It's big, but it is such wasted space and I know we aren't using it to it's potential.  I'm just not sure where I'll go with this yet.  This picture is from The Container Store and I think I'll get some ideas from it.

Wear at least one accessory a day - even if I don't leave the home.  What a silly goal.
stolen from Petit Elefant

Record each and every penny I spend.  That should bring out a smile on my cute hubby's face.

That should keep me busy -onward and upward, right?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Grateful Sunday

Today, I am grateful for:
  • My new ipod touch - it's been such a busy week it's hard to remember functioning without it.
  • The Hansens - I don't remember how I functioned without them!
  • Piano lessons started - and I've got such a great group of students.  I really think I'm getting the cream of   the crop and they keep me on my toes!  I love it. 
  • The new batch of snow that hit starting last night - we've been waiting for this!
  • My children's friends and their families
  • My husband and the stability and calming influence he is on me.  I don't think it's even possible to express how much of a blessing he is to me.
What are you grateful for?
Have a great week!

Friday, January 7, 2011

"The List" 1/7/11

I have a friend who tells me that I have a talent.  This talent is sifting through blogs and finding the good stuff out of all the not so good stuff out there.  I do spend hours browsing blogs and I find them so inspiring.  I'm going to have a little series and show you things I've put on my "list."  These are things that work for me, in my home, that I like and can probably do.  They are things that catch my eye.  I'm not promising I'll get to all of them, wouldn't that be a dream.

So . . . here's the first installment:

I'm on a scarf kick.  I went from never wearing one, to thinking I need to wear one every day!  I'm loving this one from Make It and Love It:

I'd love to get a new kitchen table and chairs.  The ones we are using was a hand me down and has only 4 chairs (remember there are 5 people in my family)!  I pull up a chair for me every meal, then push it back to the desk.  I LOVE these chairs, as seen in Stephmodo's Home.  I've even got a savings plan to make these mine (it will take about a year).  Tom's not convinced yet that these will work in our home (that will take about a year, too).  I'm in love.

Just a couple things today - it's a busy day (it always is!)
Have a good weekend.
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