Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grateful Sunday

I am grateful for
  • Fall candles and the way they make my home smell
  • We lit up our fire pit for the first time this weekend - what a fun addition to our backyard
  • Several hours logged in at the park now that the weather has cooled a tad
  • The park is three houses down the street
  • I could have run forever yesterday morning with the mist we were running in.  I'm also grateful for more women meeting us Saturday mornings.  I always look forward to this run and do not always feel that way for my mid-week runs.
What are you grateful for?


Ashley said...

I love digging out the fall candles. I have Yankee candle Farmer's market burning right next to me as I type this.

Wendy said...

All wonderful! We lit the firepit last night and enjoyed roasted marshmellows! Candles burning as we speak! Oh it is a wonderful time :)

Modern Country Style said...

I completely love this time of year. It's still mild enough to enjoy outside but cool enough to want to snuggle up inside! Nothing like hot buttered toast in front of a roaring fire. mmmm.

I followed you here from a comment you left on Modern Country Style. Thank you!!

I love your blog.I'm your new Follower. I'd love you to pop by again soon.


Katie @ consumerkatiescomments said...

I'm grateful for college football... watching it with your friends, a glass of wine, and finger foods!

Jennifer@SweetSimplicity said...

Love this post! I'm grateful for my family and friends. :)

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