Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New "Game Plan"

I have used the same game plan for years. I posted about it here.

But . . . . I read something on Sherbet Blossom about her cleaning system, and it got the wheels turning. I liked my system, and it worked for me, kind of. With little tweaks here and there . . . it is much better.

Daily Tasks
  • laundry
  • vacuum downstairs/dust
  • mop
  • wipe down door knobs and light switches
  • deep-clean bathrooms


  • wash linens
  • clean car
  • clean mudroom
  • send out cards (thank yous and birthdays)


  • clean out fridge
  • deep-clean kitchen

  • grocery shop
  • pay bills
  • clean bedrooms
  • organize

  • kids rooms
  • toy room
  • laundry room

I am usually much more productive on Mondays, but then by Thursdays I've lost steam. I put the heavy stuff (mopping and bathrooms - I can always find excuses not to do these!) on Mondays. Why didn't I think to include the mudroom and the laundry room before? I don't know - but little things have kept these from being dumping grounds. My house is too big to just clean the house all at once - so I break it up throughout the week. Then Saturdays can be Daddy Days and the home just needs a quick touch up. This is what has worked for us, and I've done it for the past three months. Hope it helps.


Letti said...

I love love love this. I do something similar but I love the simplicity of this. I am going to steal this idea from you and try it in my own home. Thanks for sharing this.

Hannah said...

I hope it works for you! I love it

Kelli said...

I love that you made time for thank you notes and cards...that says a lot about you. Hope your system works well. I need a system.

McCain Family said...

I really like this idea. I should start using it. I, too, like the idea of having a day for thank yous and birthdays. That way, I know it gets done, because I'm really bad about it!


Amber M. said...

I've done the same thing or about 3 years and LOVE it. I love to be able to know what is expected around the house that particular day and to organize my chores so I'm not overwhelmed on any one day. I do have to make a new one every time we move...which is more often than I'd like...

Have a great week!

Mireya said...

I really like this idea! Fridays I typically have the day off and the house to myself so I devote it to cleaning everything. But usually I get exhausted after 3 or 4 hours that not everything gets the attention it needs! I'll have to try breaking it up during the week and see if it goes a little better for me!

kanishk said...

I know it gets done, because I'm really bad about it!

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jenjen said...

That is a really good system. I think if I had a specific list I had to do every day, I would do better. Thanks Laurel!


Leigh said...

We do something similar, we just have less on the list since we have smaller house and no kids. Although Chester sheds a lot and tracks in lots of leaves and mud. I just try to do a bit each night Mon-Thur so that I can have the weekends free. But I tend to get tired by Thur too.

Marianne@Songbird said...

I always make list like this too. I even tried to follow Flylady's system for a while. I never stick to it. So I have gone to a system where I designated things to be done in a week. If I am smart I do a little each day, if I goove up I'll have to sacrifice a day at the end of the week. Not a very good system either. I have tweeked my plans for this year too, but guess what I am sitting here writing you a message while I should be mopping my kitchen floor LOL
Hope you do better at sticking to your plan.
Thanks for your visit to my blog!

{ L } said...

This is awesome! You are truly on the ball! Thank you for the motivation. It looks like you have a good system in place.

Erin said...

thanks for posting this. i have been wanted to start something like this for a while but have been to lazy to get started. thanks for doing all the hard work for me! :)

Dreamer said...

What a fantastic idea! I need to get back on schedule after the holidays. Thanks for the motivation

Jen said...

Hmm, I usually do upstairs one day, downstairs the next, and basement? well - when I get to it :) I think I'm going to print this out and see how it goes!

Us Simple Girls said...

Girl, you are something else... I only wish I would stick to these lists I make. I just get carried away with other stuff and then have to make a mad dash one evening or so.

But maybe, just maybe, you've inspired me to get it together! :)

Pablo (yo) said...

Feliz año nuevo!!!!
Happy New Year!!!!
Bonne Année!!!

Pablo from Argentina

Clean and Classic Interiors said...

Ooo, I need to add some of these to my weekly tasks! Never thought of putting car cleaning in there! So clever!

Shelle said...

I gave up on any cleaning routing....my week kinda goes like this

every morning laundry...I wash clothes during the week and do all the towels/linen on Saturday coz it's only a 2 minute job.

Monday...declutter...yep it takes me all day after the weekend...mop the kitchen floor...coupons

one other day of the week....clean bathroom

the rest the kids do...they have a room each...and I now help them...so we're working together.

I clean the other things as needed on a day to day basis.

funny thing is...this is working really well.

Jan @ bobbypinsboardwalk said...

I love this list. If you don't mind, I think I will link it to my blog. I'll make a few changes to accommodate my life. Thank you for the incentive!

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