Monday, February 9, 2009

Birthday Traditions

I love to make a BIG deal out of my kids birthdays. Well, I would love to, but I always seem to be running around doing it last minute. We have made some traditions, now, that are fast and the kids HAVE to have. Let me share a few of our favorites:

Breakfast Cereal - They get to pick ANY cereal they want to have - they don't even have to wait for their birthday to eat it. This is a big deal, because I never buy sugar cereals, and I usually/always pick what's on sale. This year, G. picked Lucky Charms, which makes everyone happy. I love M.'s morning bed hair!

New Shirt - I can iron some Wonder Under on fabric, cut out a number of the year they turn, do a quick stitch around it, and it becomes a favorite shirt! Quick, cheap, but super fun.

Birthday Banners - Now some people go all out with banners, but I am not a scrap booker. I just buy some paper and make it real quick. I always think I'll make a more permanent, nicer banner, but then I don't get around to it. My kids love seeing their names up. We also leave it up for at least a week, partly because I forget to take it down, partly because they love it.

Newspaper number on window - this is strictly my husband's tradition. He gets up real early, and cuts out the number our of Newspaper so it is really big. I've told him to stop announcing to our neighbors how old I am, but he loves it. I've tried to upgrade to some different type of paper, but according to Tom, newspaper it always has been and so newspaper it will remain! No picture, because I kind of think it's tacky, but we still ALWAYS do it.

We go off and on with other rituals, but the ones above are must haves for my kids. I have gone all out and done BIG themed parties, but honestly, I think in the end they don't care as much as I wish they would. I've noticed in my 6.5 years of being a mother, it's the little things that count. These are certainly little things, and they certainly count!

PS - I'm loving my new rugs I got from the Target Design stuff this month. I got 2 of them and put them on both sides of my island - they are big and I love it! Hope they don't get trashed in the next month.

PPS - G. took this picture of me - hope I'm always this smiley when my kiddos see me!


A and C said...

I love the t-shirt idea. I think I may have to use that one. My kids keep me on track of what is necessary for birthdays. I love it!

Allyson@House of Stephens said...

Laurel - Thanks for the comment! I truly appreciate it.

I love the bed hair photo. Mine looks about like that in the morning too! And you did a SUPER job on the shirt. Very impressive.

Have a great week!


McCain Family said...

You look so pretty!
I also like all those ideas and I might have to do the t-shirt one as well.
The cereal is a good idea too. I'm such a cereal junkie, so I might have more fun with that one than the kiddos:)
Love ya!

Holly said...

We do the newspaper thing too. I kind of like it because we never had any birthday traditions, so I'm happy to adopt one from the in-laws.

Your hair is SO long! Looks good!

Kelli said...

That's so sweet that you make your kids' birthdays special, I try and do the same. I haven't started any traditions but that's a good idea, to give them something to look forward to.

Cindy said...

These are really great traditions, I would love them too, I especially like the newspaper # idea. The bed head is priceless:)

Holly said...

Oh my goodness! I want to be one of your kids on my birthday. :)

I LOVE the t-shirt idea!!

Ms. Tee said...

These are all so sweet! My son would SO pick Lucky Charms! In fact, I think I'll add that tradition this year. lol :)
Also, you're right - I think they little traditons mean the most to them after it's all said and done. :)

Sandy Toes said... fun!! I love the shirt!! That is great and the banner is so cute too! What a wonderful way to make a special birthday!
-sandy toe

Carrie said...

I love birthday they should be special! The t-shirt is a great idea!

HMichaelsen said...

What nice traditions! Happy b-day to your little guy!

Ann said...

If I'm the kid, I'll probably enjoy the pick-my-cereal bday tradition the best...and it's at the start of my day... for sure greater will come.

Freckles Chick said...

Your kiddos are so freaking lucky to have you!!

I adore that rug. I wish we had a place for it in our house--it's divine!

G+D said...

What great birthday traditions! I'm sure your children will remember these loving details for the rest of their lives!

Shannon said...

Cute pic of you!!! :)

I love all of your tradtions and I think you are is the little things that count!

Kasey said...

i'm so glad you found me and commented on my blog about my boys room so that i could find you.
I am dying that you are in Parker, because we used to live in Castle Rock!
We've been here in Chicago for almost 2 years.
Now i'm off to peruse your lovely blog!

Pineapple Hill said...

I love birthday traditions. The b-day shirt is adorable!

Amber M. said...

LOVE the birthday shirt idea...and aren't you CUTE!!!? It's always fun to see pictures of bloggy friends:-)

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