Sunday, December 28, 2008

Grateful Sunday

I am grateful for

  • Christmas - it was a perfect day. Our kids are the perfect age and the whole season was so satisfying and enjoyable.

  • Friends, that might as well be family - we love them that much.

  • lots of fun evenings with my husband after the kids are asleep - I really like him a lot.

  • Our home - the longer we live here the more perfect it is for us. I love being at home.

  • We started the girls' room and I am SO excited.

  • This little beauty from Nicol:

This is the little ditty that goes with it: These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

I'm blushing. Here are eight more blogs that are definitely award worthy:

Heather (my one and only sis) at Arizona Lewis

Jenny at The Morphy Family

Emily at Imperfect

Sabrina (my sister in law) at The Newest MacDougalls

Lindsey at imperfect

Freckles Chick

Nicole at Our Cozy Nest

Shannon at Bless Our Nest

They're all Super Cool Bloggers who leave comments without you having to leave one first - you know how cool that feels?

Have a good week - I'll be painting crown moulding and bead board!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Thought Their Eyeballs Were Going To Pop

The kids, that is - not Santas! This morning, I copied Jenny, that I found via Tip Junkie and made Santa Pancakes. The best part was not telling them anything and then just setting the plates in front of them. G. was crying that he starving (he does this about 5 times a day), but instantly started laughing. I'm kind of a sugar nazi around my home and I. couldn't believe that she got to eat this for breakfast! I even made gluten-free pancakes so little M. could have some. Right now, I'm pretty much feeling like a super cool, way fun mom! Catch me at 3:00 this afternoon, though. Sugar for breakfast, prohibited naps, daddy working, and more excitement than their little bodies can handle. I might turn into a grinch, but I promise I'm going to try not to!

Breakfast got Thumbs UP from the gallery!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Grateful Sunday, er, Monday

What a wonderful time of year - I truly feel blessed to be surrounded by my little family ( I guess it might not be so little if you keep in mind some of the comments I've been getting about how many kids I have!) and my husband. We love everything that comes with Christmas, and I think we've about done it all - we've made gingerbread houses, decorated the house, trees, made sugar cookies, sing Christmas songs every night, passed out plates of goodies to neighbors, recitals, performances, made gifts, wrapped gifts, etc. etc. We have had time to teach our kids about the reason for the season and I am grateful that they seem to "get it." I've watched them strive to be a little bit kinder (strive being the key word), speak gentler, and just be a bit more loving. This is a time to be more Christlike, and I love being reminded again and again that this is what this season is all about. I love it all.

Have a great Christmas, I'll be hugging my little ones!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Open House

So much fun in the blogging world right now - really, so. much. fun. Kimba is hosting an open house, and I really didn't want to miss this party. So, I'm opening my doors to show you a couple of Christmas things we have going at our home. I'm so intimidated - this is really out of my league. Rarely do I have an original idea, so I decided to post on 2 things that get the most comments in my home.

I LOVE Christmas cards. I read them and re-read them and stare at the picture. I've never liked to just put them in a basket, because I want to see them, you know, pretend they're here with us. We've tried different ways to display these. Years ago I was reading in my Martha Stewart Living (of course), and I copied this straight from it. I have a wide ribbon on the back, them two skinny ribbons that I've hot glued to the wide ribbon at intervals. Easy, easy! We've had it for at least 5 years and get so many comments. You do have to put it high because I always have little ones who pull the bottom cards out, or shake it so the top ones come out. It's just one of the fights we have every season. This works, though, so I'm not going to change it for awhile. When I started it, more people were sending out cards. So the ribbon is spaced more appropriately for cards. Now, we get more of those picture postcards, but I don't want to redo it.

This year, I had my friend cut out vinyl letter "M"s and put them on glass balls. I LOVE it, it's very subtle. I hung the ornaments with grosgrain ribbon, of course, and like it so much, I might do away with those wire hangers and hang them all with ribbon.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Grateful Sunday

I had such a great, busy week. It's 10:00 right now, everyone is asleep - including Tom, and I've got a fire going and just the Christmas light glow - LOVE this! Although it is below zero outside, I still feel cozy.

I am grateful for:

we sang "Joy to the World" today at church and the unstoppable laughter that ALWAYS comes with that song (you understand, Carl?)

as a musician (have I ever mentioned that I play the piano and flute and currently am teaching piano lessons), Christmas is very busy, but I love this. I love going from performance, to rehearsal and having Christmas songs floating around my head.

I held a Christmas piano recital in my home. My students did great and made me proud, and we all fit in my home.

The most delicious dinner I have had in at least a year at Tom's company Christmas party.

My bestest friends were able to come to the play afterwards and save me from the socializing that engineers are so good at.

We have 2 cute gingerbread houses and the fun memories of decorating them last Monday.

The Christmas cards are ready to go out tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My First Garland - AKA - Obviously I Need A New Camera

I am totally inspired by the Nester, and she is hosting a Garland Show and Tell. This year I decided to go for it. I don't have a typical mantle, but I think I made it work. I wrapped a bunch of garland together and then started sticking stuff in it - that's so not me and I keep staring at it. I think the Nester would tell me to add more, but I'm not sure I can pull that off. Maybe next year I can keep adding more. Tom came home and asked what was with the feathers, and honestly, I don't know - the Nester says it's cool! Anyways, here are some photos, I held the flash down - don't know any other way. It makes the lights all fuzzy. Hopefully, you can get an idea.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quick, Easy, and Cheap

Did that title get you? It's Saturday and Tom's at his office all day, sigh. At least he took I. and G., but still, I dream of having a weekend together without something pressing on our shoulders - like the backyard, or his job, or whatever else there always seems to be. Anyways, this year, I splurged and bought a beautiful 9 foot tree. Now, I'm left trying to trim this tree with not much money. I think this year, it will be pretty bare until the after Christmas sales. I was reading my Martha Stewart Living magazine and saw this picture:
It's for a little 18 inch tree, but I decided to take it on with my tree. I used 2 1/2 yards of fabric, but only 22 inches wide. I dipped it in fabric stiffener that I had left over from making cheesecloth ghosts. I spread it out in our garage to dry, hanging it over the a couple of strollers. Then I hot glued the ribbon on, and pressed away. I had the ribbon on stock - I always have ribbon on hand. I love the crisp folds and think it looks great. It took an afternoon, my kids liked spreading the stiffener on it and getting their hands sloppy, and it was a project I could do while they were all awake. Shh. . . Don't tell Martha, but it doesn't reach all the way around. Oh well. .

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Quilts

This year I made Halloween quilts that were such a hit with my kiddos, I followed them up with Christmas quilts. I used this tutorial and they went together super quick! I put their names on each one and I hope they'll be something really special for them. I especially love the ric rac around the edge as well as cuddling my kids while they're in them.

Ogranizing Holidays - Take 2

OK - Now, I know I'm a little late. You've probably moved on and are doing Holiday stuff instead of still organizing. Yeah, me too. I feel some sort of responsibility to follow up with what I do with all those lists and calendars that I made. I put them in a binder. This is my "all important I don't know how to have Christmas without it" binder. The sections that I choose to divide my binder into are: budget, so my husband can breathe easier. I also put a pencil holder to hold all those recipts that we are always looking for on December 26. When I buy something, I put the initial of who it goes to on the receipt. I have a section for Cards and Addresses - mostly just my address list that I double check when we get a new card. The next section is my Gift Checklist, and the last section is all other checklists. I put all the invites we get in the pockets at the beginning.
Then I make a copy of my calendar to slide into the back of the binder. I'm not a scrapbooker and I don't even try anymore. I'm sure you could make yours WAY cuter, if you enjoy that type of thing. Me, I'd rather be decorating the tree with my kiddos than even typing on the computer - so my calendar is handwritten, crooked, but gets the job done.

I used to just leave this binder out, and my husband would flip through it when he was wondering "Where we stand in regards to Christmas." Now that I.'s a really good reader, I might have to put it up.

Now -I'm off to getting some of those things done!

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