Sunday, June 29, 2008

Grateful Sunday

Perhaps my favorite part of this weekly post is not having to come up with a title (not really . . . . well, kind of). We're coming off a high of a fabulous week and gearing up for another fun week! I am grateful for

  • Susie - simply, she is a blessing in my life.

  • the pure delight of hearing my kids laugh while they are playing with their cousins.

  • Swimsuits hanging in the bathroom and tan lines on our baby

  • I have a system for hanging up wet swimsuits and towels!

  • Finished M's crib bedding and 3 Halloween quilt tops (complete with their names embroidered on them, thank you very much!)

  • So much joy watching my little ones and my husband interact.

Truly, we did have a fun week and my heart aches to live closer to family. Well, maybe my heart doesn't actually ache - I've been reading Anne of Avonlea, I think Anne Shirley is rubbing off on me.

PS - This picture is so G!! This is the third summer he has worn this swimsuit and his little crack is always showing - no matter how tight I tie his drawstring. It makes us laugh.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Garteful Early Monday Morning

HA HA - it wasn't Sunday too many hours ago. Today, I'm grateful for:

  • My sister-in-law is here for a whole week to sew and help finish those projects that have been stuck in the closet forever (only I just want to go get new projects)

  • My new sewing machine came on Friay - and yes, it does embroider! I feel so spoiled.

  • We live in a great neighborhood - I love my neighbors (I know you're stalking this blog)

  • Lots of sleep, for me, the past 2 nights

  • School is out and a summer full of potential awaits us!

Lest I leave you with another pictureless blog, here's a photo from my "inspiration folder" - I would like to pull some of it out for my Master Bedroom, that we'll get to in 2009:

Doesn't that look nice and soothing?

Have a great week!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

2008 Goals - Half Way Mark

In January, I set some goals (like most people). This time, I wrote them down, printed them out and posted them around my house. I love setting goals, I love thinking about the potential, I love the planning aspect, but I loose steam quickly. I've done many formats, this is the format I choose this year:
I want to learn: about gardening
to make good bread
I want to read: each child 1 book/day
Book of Mormon
I want to make: quilt for every bed
homemade gift for every “occasion”
I want to visit: 4 local places
· Hanging Lake
· Cog Railroad
· Botanical Gardens
· Frozen Waterfall
· Manitou Springs – Cave of the Winds
· Red Rocks
· Pikes Peak
· Aquarium

I want to change: no loud voices in the house
say “yes please” or “no thank you”

I want to be better at: living in our budget

I want to do: a half marathon

Most of all, I want: to have the Spirit in our home
So. . . how am I doing? The learning thing: I stopped making bread on February 13 - the day I learned my baby is allergic to wheat and eggs. That goal stopped dead in its tracks. I have planted 2 pots and a window box for my porch, but I don't think the gardening was a good goal, considering we don't have a back yard to garden in yet! The reading goal: It's easy to read to my kids, I love it. I'm in Alma 31 in the Book of Mormon, so those goals are going. Making goal: I'm working on the quilts (I've changed it to bedding) - got 3 pillows and bed skirt for G's bed. Made bumper, quilt and am working on crib skirt for M's crib. Made some pillows and am trying to figure out what to do for I's bed. Haven't even thought about our bed. As far as making something for occasions - it was the best way I could word trying to make instead of buy. Haven't done too well. The visiting goal: we're going camping in Rocky Mountain National Forest in 2 weeks, we're going to Breckenridge with my parents in a month, I went to Boulder for my run, we've also gone to Utah and California this year - we're getting out. The changing goal: now that goal is just hard to grade. The budget goal: I think I get a C, I did really good in Jan, Feb, and March, but not so good in April and May, but I'm back on for June. The half marathon goal: I'm running on August 9th- wish me luck. Training is going great!
So, this was probably boring to all of you - especially Heather. Sorry, it's good for me to be accountable somehow - might as well use this blog.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grateful Sunday - Father's Day Edition

As I've been thinking throughout the day about what I'm grateful for, I'm so glad there are so many that are related to Fathers. I'm fortunate enough to have some amazing men in my life. First off . . . my own dad(dy):
This picture is awesome - my dad in his element. He's in Hawaii, finding cool things to look at, but remembering to pictures so he could share with us. With my dad, I know I'm never far from his thoughts and prayers. I'm grateful that he has ALWAYS put family first and as I've become a parent, I know I didn't appreciate it enough - I just expected it. I'm grateful that he supported everything I did. I can remember the first flute performance I played at without a parent there - my senior year I got invited to play in an international band - he couldn't make it. So, one recital in countless years of performances and trips. And, it wasn't just me; he did it with all 5 of my siblings!

My Father-in-Law:

I've never seen a room quiet like it does when he speaks. He doesn't participate much, but when he talks, everyone is so eager to glean any wisdom that they might from him. I'm grateful that he has taught me that EVERYthing is gospel related and you can always find an answer in the scriptures. I'm grateful to watch his example and learn that the most important person I'm trying to please is my Heavenly Father. I'm grateful that my husband aspires to please him.

My husband:
Isn't he a cutie? I could go on and on. I'm grateful that my kids ADORE their Daddy. He's a busy guy, but when he walks through our door, he goes immediately into Daddy mode - often not even having a chance to set down his bag before he is holding a baby or wrestling a hungry 3 year old. I'm grateful that I could run 7 miles on Saturday - no way I could have done that without him knowing it was important to me and making sure it happened. I'm grateful that he has the purest heart and I get to be his dearest friend. I am so lucky!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

To Monogram or Not?

My sewing machine is broken, sigh. It is time to buy a new one and I've been tossing back and forth getting a machine that will also do embroidery. I love the Pottery Barn Kids look that has everything monogrammed:

Isn't that sweet? So. . . is it worth the extra money? Could I charge people to monogram things and that would help pay for my machine? Will I loose steam when the next new thing comes along and then I'm stuck with a machine wanting something new? These are the questions I think about in the middle of the night (why don't I sleep?).

On a side note, it seems as if everyone has vinyl lettering around here. Very cute way to decorate without it being permanent. There are some cute little ones at I love the trees and the little animals. You might want to check it out!

Have a Great Day.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Grateful Sunday

  • Beautiful weather
  • All the flowers that greet me in my front yard (even though I always enter through the garage)
  • Great family pictures that we had taken when we were in SD by Tom's friend, now my friend that cost us $0!!
  • I. started riding the bus to school. She has wanted to all year, and I've been so hesitant, but since there are only 10 days of school left and she goes with our dear neighbors, I've let her. I do walk her to the bus stop, though! She is so happy as she waves to me from the window, I wish I could capture that happiness and be able to pull it out when we needed it.
  • An understanding pediatric dermatologist and a plan to clear up M's skin.
  • I LOVE working on our house, be it decorating, rearranging, dreaming, planning, organizing.
  • New (to us) shelves down in the basement.
  • Hobby Lobby

There were no meetings today and the day flew by. We have no big plans for this week, yet it somehow always gets filled up. We're just enjoying being outside and playing around. Have a good week!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Play the Color Sense Game

Take a little Quiz: (don't have enough time to make that link look any cooler) to discover your "color personality." You'll "discover your color preferences based on your five senses, your interests, and your style." Your results are translated into a paint color palette to help you decorate. For inspiration, you can also see rooms done in those colors.

It turns out I'm at ease with natural substances, in classical, comfortable settings. Yep, I am.

But, to really mix things up, I also like playful, saturated hues that liven up a room - this must be the children influence in my life.

This does seem to be how I try to decorate. What are your preferences?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Grateful Sunday

Having a hard time today, not because I'm struggling, but I think I've either said it before, or it is a little special to me, and not necessarily something I want to talk about on a blog. So. . . . because I am often one to avoid the serious and meaningful:
  • Amy Butler Lotus fabrics - made my baby's crib bedding and LOVE it
  • Steak and Blue Cheese for dinner - yummy. Fun guests, to boot!
  • Sunny weather and a fairly productive weekend
  • G's finally in his own room, which means it's finished!
  • cute zebra print pillows on my couches

And on and on, on little things that just make me smile, nothing too profound. Here's to a good night tonight!

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