Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For Steph

Tom painted, put up the crown molding, chair rail, and panel molding. I think the window needs drapes, but I want them to match the front room, and I'd like those to go from the ceiling to the floor - all 15 feet. So . . . it will have to wait.

Six Months

Six months ago, I was planning on going to my OB to get my membranes stripped. Six months ago, my water broke all over my OB while she was getting ready to strip my membranes (there is no dignity in child birth). Six months ago, Tom and I walked into the hospital and told them we were going to have a baby, even though I was having no contractions. Six months ago, I had my first epidural and breezed through the fastest and easiest labor I had ever had. Six months ago, my heart melted as I gazed in unbelief at the scale that said 9lbs 8oz! Six months ago, I held a baby that looked more like me than my other babies and I was in love.

In the past six months, M has seen so many doctors and has had me awake most nights worrying about her health. She has an enlarged left kidney, severe case of eczema, and severe allergies. She started out as an amazing sleeper, but has since lost that title. The Doctor was suggesting to me today that maybe her skin is too itchy, and it is hard to sleep. During the day, she is distracted and it doesn't bother her, but it might be the reason she wakes up every other hour. Despite all this, she is my happiest baby and fits so nicely in the crook of my left arm. I'll be so sad when she gets teeth and looses her great smile that she passes out so freely (as long as she is in my arms). How could I have ever not wanted the third child? She has given me a huge slice of humble pie and has helped me realize how little I know about mothering. I can't imagine my life without her or what our family would be like without the changes we have had to make to accommodate her in our lives. Six months goes so fast - fortunately and unfortunately!
PS - I'm going to have to spend some time figuring out how to move my pictures.
PPS - David Cook anyone? Didn't he do a great job - except for his song choice. Whenever Tom hears that song, he imitates his friend, Brent Barson, singing it in choir in high school with inappropriate words. It's hard to not think of that and giggle.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Grateful Sunday

Today, I am grateful for:

  • the first time of the season that I was able to bare my legs, no matter how white they were! My baby didn't wear tights and I got many many comments about her chubby thighs - I love them!

  • Cornflake Crumbs - they bake just like bread crumbs, yet they don't have any wheat in them. Today I made "Magic Bars" - I think the rest of the world calls them 7 layer bars.

  • White hangers - I finally got all the mismatched hangers out of my closet and all my clothes are sitting on white hangers - I LOVE IT!

Crazy, I know. Sorry, Hev, it's another list. I'm just not as good of a story teller as you are and my life is not very funny. G finally got into his soccer game yesterday - after three weeks, and bribing him with fruit snacks every time he kicked the ball he decided it was pretty fun. He would kick the ball into the goal and then run over to me to get his snack. He went through 2 bags, but at least he played. Tom took G to his office with him yesterday, so it was just the girls and me and we went to Costco and Old Navy - both crazy places on Saturdays but needed to get done. Tom and I watched Martian Child last night and were entertained - at least we both stayed awake through the whole thing. I like the Cusacks and that they do movies together. Maybe someday my siblings and I can be in a movie. Oh, that would make my parents so proud!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why is Coming Up With a Title the Hardest Part?

It's April, there's snow on the ground, my 2 girls are still sick and not sleeping, there's no chance of my husband coming home before 7 even though he left before anyone was awake. There's a lot to be grumpy about, but these are things I'm looking forward to today:
  • My morning protein shake (with baby's allergies, there's not much I can eat, so I get excited when there's something yummy)
  • A new Heroes DVD to watch while I'm on the treadmill
  • Crafting with I. - we're making felt food

  • Watching G - you never know what he's going to come up with

  • A quick trip to the library

  • Lots of hugs and slobbery kisses from my baby
  • Hopefully, a call to my sister

The other day, I was a little disappointed in myself when I realized that my favorite part of the day was putting the kids to bed, snuggling under a blanket and watching American Idol (I think my favorite is David Cook!!). How sad for my kids that their mom likes them best when they are sleeping. I have no concluding sentence for this - I wish I was better at writing.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Grateful Sunday (written on Monday)

This was an oh-so-challenging day, but there are still things to be thankful for:

  • A house big enough to put my baby FAR away from me so I don't hear her in the middle of the night.

  • A handy husband who is putting up crown molding in my boy's room that looks awesome (the room - and my husband).

  • Primary teachers who tell me what good kids I have.

  • It's spring break - so tomorrow we are taking the day off!

Now - I'm off to stalk other's blogs!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Meet the Fam

My life is completely wrapped around the these three little ones, and if there's any time to spare my perfect-for-me husband.

Child #1 - I. is 5 1/2 years old, does about 100 handstands a day, loves school, sugar, and her baby sister.
Child #2 - G. is 3 years old and all boy - loves dirt, trucks, uses all the vacuum attachments as swords and swishes them around. The way to this boy's heart is pancakes, hot dogs, or cuddles in the morning.
Child #3 - M. is my baby - almost 6 months. She has a lot to put up with her older 2 siblings, yet she is almost ALWAYS happy. She melts my heart with her smiles and there is nothing better than to have her cuddle her little head under my chin.
I consider myself a lucky girl to have these great kids. We laugh a lot, we get a little crazy and my mom laughs a lot just listening to the background noise while we're talking on the phone.
P.S. - My hair is so flat in that family picture, but that was our most current one with baby M on it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Once Upon a Time. . .

This is how the story begins. Once, there was a girl/lady (me) who thought I was way too busy to blog and had no need to blog. My quote was "I don't need anything else in my life to feel guilty about not keeping up with." Then, one day, her closest confidante (who was also dead set against blogging) decided to begin a blog. As I was reading her blog, I started to read all the comments. 48 hours later, I had read not only all the comments, but every blog that belonged to the commenters (and I mean every post in every blog). It sucked me in. I began to feel somewhat like a stalker, but because I did not have a blog, I could not post any comments.

So, here I am. No promises to be current, or entertaining, but a promise to be honest. We'll see where this goes. . . .
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