Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grateful Sunday - Father's Day Edition

As I've been thinking throughout the day about what I'm grateful for, I'm so glad there are so many that are related to Fathers. I'm fortunate enough to have some amazing men in my life. First off . . . my own dad(dy):
This picture is awesome - my dad in his element. He's in Hawaii, finding cool things to look at, but remembering to pictures so he could share with us. With my dad, I know I'm never far from his thoughts and prayers. I'm grateful that he has ALWAYS put family first and as I've become a parent, I know I didn't appreciate it enough - I just expected it. I'm grateful that he supported everything I did. I can remember the first flute performance I played at without a parent there - my senior year I got invited to play in an international band - he couldn't make it. So, one recital in countless years of performances and trips. And, it wasn't just me; he did it with all 5 of my siblings!

My Father-in-Law:

I've never seen a room quiet like it does when he speaks. He doesn't participate much, but when he talks, everyone is so eager to glean any wisdom that they might from him. I'm grateful that he has taught me that EVERYthing is gospel related and you can always find an answer in the scriptures. I'm grateful to watch his example and learn that the most important person I'm trying to please is my Heavenly Father. I'm grateful that my husband aspires to please him.

My husband:
Isn't he a cutie? I could go on and on. I'm grateful that my kids ADORE their Daddy. He's a busy guy, but when he walks through our door, he goes immediately into Daddy mode - often not even having a chance to set down his bag before he is holding a baby or wrestling a hungry 3 year old. I'm grateful that I could run 7 miles on Saturday - no way I could have done that without him knowing it was important to me and making sure it happened. I'm grateful that he has the purest heart and I get to be his dearest friend. I am so lucky!!


ArizonaLewis said...

Cute post. I love all of it. Congrats on your run. What's it like to be in shape and not eat sausage dogs for 2 meals in a row? xox

kthom said...

7 miles...are you kidding me? That's fantastic, very impressed. I did it by the way and got my best time yet :) I loved making the goal, training for it, and doing it. Fun post to read, your kids are darling...your oldest little gal is a perfect blend, pretty!

Emily K said...

What a great bunch of dads! Happy Father's day! You have a darling family. We are planning to go to yosemite soon, but we hear the waterfall trail is a little too treacherous for the little ones, but we are checking into a few other mini hikes. This week I think we will go see the sequoias and/or Moro Rock. Thanks for the suggestion and keep them coming!

andrewgorgueiro said...

YAY Tommy you guys have a blog... I found it from my bro. in law's blog & he had a link to Jimmy's. Come to ours! I'm still learning & hopefully trying to improve it! It was great to see you at Bruce's wedding. What a great family you have!

Here's our site if you want to take a look... (yes there 2 d's) would it be cool to add you guys to ours? MEL :)

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