Thursday, May 29, 2008

Growing Up

I can't handle it - too many changes for one week. It all started with I. complaining that her tooth hurt too much, when I told her it was her first loose tooth, it suddenly didn't hurt so much - now she's cool. Eight days later . . .

See that little gap?

Also, I go to get my baby from her crib after her nap and she's sitting up! How did she learn to do that all by herself? Tom warned me to start getting the babyproofing stuff ready, but I confidently assured him I thought I had until she was 8 months - wrong again . . . Watch out, she's mobile!!

PS - see those cute little "Babylegs" I whipped up this morning? I love them - they're my first proto-type, more to come. If I like them enough, or get obsessive enough - they might be coming your way Baby Hayden.

PPS - I ran the Bolder Boulder on Monday. I've always wanted to do that since my roommate Sarah Markos told me about it 10 years ago. It was a blast, 55,000 people ran it, I have the BEST running partner,and I can't wait to do it next year. Here's a pre-picture (we had to leave at 5am to catcth the bus - but we're pumped):


McCain Family said...

Oh my goodness, they are growing up so fast! I is so pretty and M looks so much like Hayden. I can't believe she is crawling already. Those leggings sure are cute....I still never thanked you for the cute taggy you made for us. You guys are so fun. If only I had that kind of talent. Thank goodness for sisters in law and cousins!

Emily K said...

I can't believe how much I looks like YOU!!! Jessica and I were just commenting on Anna's class picture and how everyone has a gap or two. So cute! Do the baby legs keep their little knees padded and clean? Tell me more! Good job on the running, someday soon I would like to get more into running, I don't have anyone to watch my kids right now, and it would take one heck of a jogging stroller to accomodate our crew! I should just get a treadmill.

Laurel MacD said...

The babylegs pad their knees, but unlike pants, you don't have to take them on and off when you change a million diapers. Tom came home and asked what was on her legs and I told him "leg warmers." He just looked at me and said "of course."
About the running - I go at either 5 in the morning, which is rough when I've been up 2 times in the night, or at 9 at night. I would rather do that than push them - but I do have a treadmill and in the winter it was my BFF (besides my baby, of course).

Teuscher said...

I looks so much older with bangs!

We are right there with you on the crawling thing. On Thursday he just started moving forward and hasn't stopped.

Good for you and running- we've got brians siblings all working on running the infamous 4th of July Coronado run with us.

HMichaelsen said...

My sis in law lives in Boulder and they do the Boulder Bolder every year. Looks like fun!

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