Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chef Robert Irvine Interview

I know, I know . . . I haven't blogged in forever and kind of quit blogging.  BUT - this was an interview with Robert Irvine!  I couldn't pass that up.  He is one of my favorites, and my kid's favorites.

Here is the direct link: 

There will be a giveaway shortly!
Have a great day!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vega Sport Pre-Work Out Supplement Review

With this blog, I have the opportunity to be a Sweat Pink ambassador - a campaign which I love!  I am always always trying to encourage everyone to have a healthy lifestyle.  With this, I sometimes get to review products.  
I LOVE Vega Sport - it is clean, natural, and plant based - you don't get that with a lot of energy drinks.  I tried the pre-workout energizer and I am in love.  I even had my running partner try it before our 10 mile run last week.  I love have a pre-work out supplement and I loved this enough that I have been very interested in the recovery drink as well. #fuelyourbetter  We are in half marathon training and she just finished running a Ragnar race.  

I believe that if you eat "clean" products, your body knows what to do with that and it is much more effective at using it - as opposed to fake products.  Your body gets confused and isn't as efficient.  Who needs that when you are trying to push your body and see what it can do?  I think this is helping me be the best - a campaign I can stand behind!  Go here for more info.

Monday, July 7, 2014

A New Trampoline Review

You've seen our backyard before - we love it!  We spend a lot of time out there.  The trampoline gets daily use, but we were hiding a little secret:

When we dug down, we hit ground water.  My husband put a couple of drains down there, but basically it was a swamp.

Another secret: our trampoline was falling apart.  We were so disappointed in it.  Parts of it were disintegrating before our eyes.  By the end of last summer, it was pretty much unusable.  

We waited until the bad weather was gone, sold the frame to our last trampoline, bit the bullet,  and bought another one.  We have high hopes for this one and I wanted to give an honest review.

We expected set up to take about 4 hours and we way underestimated the time it would take.  That seems to be very common for us.  It took us about eight hours.

We had to dig out the water and properly place the drains.  We then got a truck full of gravel and placed that on top.  Next, we will place landscape rock on top of the gravel, but the kids were getting anxious and we just needed to get it in.  

It took both of us to put the frame together and then even more adults to help us put it in place.  Of course, Tom got out the level and made sure it was level.  This was as far as we got at the end of the day:

Tom left putting up the net up to me.  I think I put everything on wrong the first time and then had to re-do it.  It became a bit comical, actually.  At the end of the week, though, we were ready to roll:

The kids are pretty excited, especially little J.  They feel as if this trampoline has a tighter bounce than our previous one.  I can assure that it is pretty safe, as far as trampolines can be.  That net isn't going anywhere!  I don't like the big kids to bounce on it at the same time as little J., but he is learning to take turns and wait outside.  G. is working on his back flip and can almost land it.

We are extremely happy with this right now and the kids run out here every day.  Time will tell how it holds up and I fully expect to review it!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fourth of July Wreath

Happy July!  
I have never gotten into decorating for the 4th because we are usually camping.  This year, camping isn't going to happen.  
I found this wreath through Pinterest - here is the original site.  I really really loved it.  I tried to use what I had at home, with the exception of a wreath form.

I only spent about forever tracing stars and cutting them out - FOREVER!!  After I was done, I am wondering if it was worth the extra effort.  You could probably do squares and get a similar effect.

I had this jute webbing left over from storage cubes and it fit my color scheme!  

It is held on with straight pins.

Next, I took the stars and folded them into quarters and glued it onto the wreath with hot glue.

I can't even estimate how much this took!  I just kept going until it was filled and I ran out of felt.  I had some navy striped knit, from a maxi skirt my daughter sewed and wrapped a strip around the top.

Well, aren't we looking festive?

I seriously love it!  It might be just the thing to get my crafting mojo going again - maybe.

Have a great 4th of July!!  I am a part of ProFlowers Wreaths All Year project.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Little One Sews

As soon as school got out this summer, M. asked me what was she going to sew.  I had some striped knit waiting for me to make them max skirts for about 6 months, so we started together.  

I drafted the pattern and cut it out.  M. can sew straight lines, and that is about it.  Right now, I pin and even stand behind her to make sure her lines are straight.  She is gaining confidence and is loving the process.

Last summer, we started with Skip to My Lou's sewing activities.

Her first project was a headband.  Then she sewed a bag. - both can be found somewhere on the Skip to My Lou's site.

We used this tutorial for the maxi skirt and had to adapt it a little bit for little girls.  She is already asking me what is next - pillow cases, blankets, more skirts?  I'm not sure.  I just think sewing is a lost art and I'm pretty happy that she seems to enjoy it.
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